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Within some weeks we will release a new version of CPT featuring a multi-threaded version of the proxyscanner in Java. A multithreaded C proxy scanner will most likely also be included.
These scanners are way faster than the old version.

The cum proxy toolkit (cpt) contains a proxy scanner, a proxy extractor, a toip converter and some other tools to manipulate proxy databases.

The proxy scanner scans a given database with servers. It tries to connect to each proxy and requests a sample webpage with a unique ID in it to verify if the proxy actually forwards pages, and not only replies with just a 200 http code. It also checks if the proxy forwards cookies, referrers and user-agent info and if the proxy adds Via: or X-Forwarded-For: headers.

The proxy extractor takes a (log)file as input, filters it, and outputs a database with potential proxy servers. The output database can then be feeded into the proxyscanner.

The toip converter converts a proxy list (with names and/or ip's) to an ip-only list. This way you can filter out duplicate proxies in your list, plus it provides a pre-check by excluding all proxies that give a DNS resolve error.

The first version of cpt is available for download:

+ download cpt v1.0 here
+ view the cpt manual online here (html) or here (txt)

proxy lists:

+ download cpt proxy list

If you got any good proxylists, and want to donate or exchange them, please contact us.

For more scanners (cgi web security scanner, etc.) visit our Projects page.

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