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This section is still heavily under construction.
Not all books you find here are suited for everybody, some might be useful for beginners or people with not alot of technical knowledge, while others require some technical insight.
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  Hack Proofing Your Network
This book is written by Ryan Russell (, with input from Rain Forest Puppy (RFP), Elias Levy (Bugtraq), Blue Boar (vuln-dev), Dan "Effugas" Kaminsky (Cisco Systems), Oliver Friedrichs (, Riley "Caezar" Eller (Internet Security Advisors), Greg Hoglund (Click to secure), Jeremy Rauch and Georgi Guninski, and has a foreword written bij Mudge (L0pht). It is a nice compilation of information about hacking. The first chapter is a definition and clarification of some different terms (hacker vs cracker etc.), and a look at the legal and moral issues. He then goes on to some laws of security in the second chapter. In the third he classifies the different attack methods. The next chapter deals with some methodologies. The next 4 chapters are about diffing, cryptography, unexpected input and buffer overflows. The third part (chapter 9 to 14) deals with remote attacks. These chapters deal with network sniffing, session hijacking, identity spoofing, server and client holes, viruses, trojan horses and worms. The last chapter is about reporting security problems and incident handling.
It's a nice and not too technical book with some practical examples.

  The TCP/IP Illustrated - Volume 1: The Protocols

  The TCP/IP Illustrated - Volume 2: The Implementation

Programming Perl
The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version
UNIX User's Handbook
Essential System Administration
Practical UNIX and Internet Security
Java Network Programming
Java Performance Tuning

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